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Affordable Web Hosting

Choosing the right hosting package for a blog revolves around choosing a service that is supportive of your blog for now, but also provides growing room so that you can account for future demand. Our reliable hosting and affordable(cheap) hosting is unmatched by anyone.At the same time you need to assess your technical capabilities and decide whether you would prefer a plan where your chosen application is installed by default, or whether you would like to install the application yourself so that you can tailor the installation.

So, what are the main points for me to consider in a blog hosting plan?

Bandwidth allowance

Each web hosting service is supplied with a predetermined bandwidth allowance. The amount of bandwidth that you have available to use can limit the number of visitors that you can have to your website, though this will be influenced by the content that you are hosting because a single user viewing media content will consume more bandwidth on average than a visitor consuming just text content.Making us the best providers of reliable hosting packages in Uganda and East Africa

Bandwidth can be an expensive commodity because in an Internet economy that is evolving around media content, more and more of it is being consumed on a daily basis and so demand is only ever-increasing; however, a majority of web hosting plans are rather generous with their bandwidth allowances. In order to maximize the number of visitors you can accept in your predetermined bandwidth allocation, there are steps you can take to reduce the physical download footprint of your content such as through the use of CSS over table-based designs and compressing videos and other media content to reduce their file size.

Disk space

This is necessary for the hosting of all that content of yours. Gone are the days when a blog was just a text journal that somebody might update every few days and in blogs updated on an hourly basis, hosting a range of content including videos and images that help to pad out their stories. And all of this multimedia needs to be stored somewhere.

One thing in computing that has got cheaper over the past few years is storage and progress is being made all the time on increasing the amount of storage that can be squeezed out of a single drive, both for SSDs and mechanical drives. In any web hosting plan you will find a generous amount of storage for your media; it is always a good idea to start off with a small amount because you can always add more later when once your blog gets busier and as storage will always be getting cheaper and the underlying hardware becoming faster, this can prove to be the most cost-effective option.

Software-specific plans

Some software-specific blog hosting plans are designed to help bloggers get started quickly and easily. Where before you would need to purchase a hosting plan and then installed the desired blogging platform yourself, you can now purchase plans that include your chosen software by default, such as we have seen with the rise in WordPress hosting. Such web hosting plans can boast additional features that aren’t always found in ordinary web hosting plans and for bloggers that are fresh to the business, can provide the perfect solution to establishing themselves with minimal effort.

If looking to install an application yourself, the application requirements are essentially to be known.

If you can’t find a software-specific plan that includes the blogging platform that you would like to use, then don’t be too worried. First off review the requirements of the application that you’d like to use, then seek out a hosting package that is able to provide for those requirements. Once you have identified a hosting plan that you think will suffice for your needs and provides the necessary resources to support your blog, see if there is any support available; you may be able to request assistance in getting your blogging application up and running.

There are certain requirements that feature for each application, such as the scripting language and database platform used. These can influence the platform that you require for the hosting of your website, for example the difference between a PHP/MySQL blog and an ASP.NET/MSSQL blog is that the ASP.NET blog will only run on a Windows web hosting plan, and although a PHP blog can run on Windows or Linux, it is genera

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