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Drupal optimized hosting

Drupal Hosting

Our drupal optimized hosting is tailored to you so you can be assured you get the very best performance out of your drupal website. Security is key when it comes to drupal hosting.

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Lots of web hosting services in Uganda.
Why you should choose us?


Our next-generation firewalls protect your Drupal site from a variety of threats including malware, viruses and DDOS attacks; while our advanced security such as intrusion detection & prevention, VPN and application firewalls keeps out hackers ensuring your business can trade without worry.


Already have a Magento website hosted elsewhere? No problem. Our expert team will work with you to get your e-commerce site moved over to our platform with zero data loss guaranteed.


Performance is crucial in e-commerce. With 44% of online shoppers saying that slow online transactions make them question the success of the transaction, our high-performance hosting is key to retaining customers.


Our control panel make it easy to manage your hosting; whether on a desktop, tablet or smartphone, you can control all aspects of your hosting quickly and easily.

Higher Conversion Rates

The faster your website loads, the higher your conversion rates. A two second page load delay can result in cart abandonment rates up to 87%. Our tailored environment will deliver your website in some of the fastest times achievable – helping you achieve even higher conversion rates.


Our anti-hacking & anti-malware technology keeps your store secure and open to trade 24×7.With hosting plans supporting SAQ-A & A-EP, we can guide you through the PCI process.

Pay for what you actually use. No hidden charge!

727190 UGX/Year

best for personal use

  • VPS servers are perfect for smaller drupal sites and development purposes. With up to 6 vCPU cores and SSD storage they provide excellent performance to cost ratio however they lack the extra redundancy aspect of cloud servers so for stores where uptime is critical Cloud servers are the preferred choice.
  • -Low traffic levels
  • -SSD Storage
  • -24×7 Support
  • -Scalability up to 6vCPU, 6GB RAM
  • -Web application Firewall (Optional)
  • -No High Availability
  • -No Customisable hardware
  • -No Multi-Server (Web/Cache/Database Optional)
  • -No Hardware Firewall (Optional)
  • -No Load Balancing (Optional)
  • -No Enterprise class support (Optional)

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1883422 UGX/Year

Best for Big Organization

  • Our Drupal optimised cloud servers are perfect for mission critical sites where uptime and performance are critical. Configured in a clustered environment and with up to 12vCPU cores and 64GB of RAM per cloud server and with range of optional advanced services, cloud server are the optimal choice.
  • -Mid to High traffic levels
  • -SSD Storage
  • -24×7 Support
  • -Scalability up to 12vCPU, 64GB RAM
  • -Web application firewall (Optional)
  • -High Availability
  • -Customisable hardware
  • -Multi-Server (Web/Cache/Database Optional)
  • -Hardware firewall (Optional)
  • -Load balancing (Optional)
  • -Enterprise class support (Optional)

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3766844 UGX/Year

Best for NGOS and Big Government bodies.

  • For drupal sites where you require ultimate performance and control a dedicated server is the solution, tailor your CPU Speed, number of cores, memory and IO performance to match your store’s performance targets and scale vertically or horizontally using advanced services such as load balancing.
  • -All types of sites
  • -Low to Extreme traffic
  • -SSD Storage
  • -24×7 Support
  • -Scalability unlimited
  • -Web application firewall (Optional)
  • -High Availability (Optional)
  • -Customizable hardware
  • -Multi-Server (Web/Cache/Database Optional)
  • -Hardware firewall (Optional)
  • -Load balancing (Optional)
  • -Enterprise class support (Optional)

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